Lorin Klaris Photography

360 1st Avenue, 10B

New York, NY 10010




A native New Yorker, Lorin Klaris has been a freelance photographer for over 25 years.  After graduating from Hampshire College with a concentration in French and Photography, she started her career as an assistant and studio manager to the celebrity photographers:  Barbara Walz, Albert Watson and Bridgette Lacombe.  Passionate about faces, theater and literature, she went on to become one of the top portfolio/head shot photographers in NYC,  shooting hundreds of actors, and writers, including Mary Louise Parker, Julianne Moore, Julianna Margulies, Andrew Weil, Anne Roiphe and Ethan Canin.  She photographs business executives, artists, designers, factory workers and students on location and in the studio.   Always aiming to create a warm, easy environment, where her subjects can shine, and feel confident, she consistently captures the essence of their beauty, energy and personality in a portrait.


Having raised three kids, Lorin is a natural with children of all ages.  An active volunteer, for over 10 years, at a home for abused teenage girls, she is particularly passionate about helping kids in crisis and underserved youth.   Her not-for-profit clients are her “meaningful work, says Lorin. “ Photography can be an incredibly powerful tool for inspiring self esteem and awareness and capturing an emotional moment in an image, can directly influence the viewers response and desire to help a cause.  I love making that contribution.”


Most recently, Lorin began teaching photography to teenagers via ICP’s Community Partnership programs.  This program provides young people from underserved communities an opportunity to better understand and connect to their artistic sensibility and their communities through photography.  She is also an advisor to a team of students participating with Builders Beyond Borders, a local and global community service program.


In addition to her work with people she has extensive experience photographing architectural interiors.  Her continuous involvement with her family owned, home furnishings business, and the many homes and spaces she has photographed over the years, has helped to refine and enhance her acute, aesthetic sensibility and her attention to detail, light and composition.


Lorin’s greatest passion is travel.   Always with camera in hand, she has photographed in:  Portugal, Spain, England, Italy, France, Israel, South and Central America and the USA, amongst other places. Focused on the juxtaposition of how people live within their communities, she is most concerned with capturing a moment in time and place that reveals a land, its people and culture.


Lorin’s photographs have appeared in magazines, corporate annual reports, book jackets, brochures, websites and advertisements.